Photography has long been a passion of mine. Once I picked up my first SLR camera I was hooked, and have been learning about capturing light ever since. The ability to use a device to freeze a moment in time is amazing, but the ability to capture an environment or an emotion in a single photo... that is outright incredible.

I love looking at older photos to relive moments, experiences and times that I may not remember without seeing a photo. My parents were avid photographers and even though I lost them at a young age, I have their memories and stories to relive through their 35mm slides that I still have yet to view all of. Thanks to my family, I have always been drawn to the outdoors, spending most of my childhood summers in National Parks and on the coastline of Northern California. As long as my family doesn't ever get sick of hearing that shutter clicking all the time, I hope to also pass on the enjoyment I get out of photography and the memories that it creates.

Naturally, my passion resides within Landscape Photography and I try to capture moments that I would like to revisit someday as well as pass those memories down to my kids. Lets face it, trying to harness the raw power of nature in a photograph is nearly impossible. However, that one photo capturing a split second in time can create a connection between myself and others as I had experienced it. I am always seeking out the best lighting conditions to express how dramatic a scene appears to me. Along with lighting and the environment I am always paying close attention to technical settings such as how long I leave the shutter open, and what aperture I am using to capture the correct depth of field. If details like these are ignored, the connection will be lost when someone views the scene that I had tried to capture. It is for this reason that I pay the utmost attention to each one of these details so that someone else can enjoy the scene indefinitely through one of my large scale prints. I have been told that it feels like you can just walk right into some of my prints. When I hear things like that it makes me extremely happy that I have made that connection for someone, and just maybe removed them one step from reality for a moment in time.

Printing Process

My background is in Architecture and Product Engineering so naturally I have sought out the highest quality methods to print and frame my photos. As a brief overview, I have focused an excessive amount of attention on finding the best print process for displaying my photos. Finding the right paper and framing was always unsatisfying until I discovered acrylic face mounted prints. All my prints are processed as archival C-Prints (Chromogenic Prints) on Fuji Crystal Archive paper which is then face mounted to ¼” acrylic glass. This method of finishing is of museum and exhibition quality and provides color and depth beyond most traditional printing methods. To read more about the print process please visit my prints page.